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UV Cure Adhesives



UV curing glue Low temperature thermosetting glue Double curing glue(UV+moisture curing/UV+thermal curing) UVLEDCuring equipment Precision electronic component adhesive The total quality system makes today’s global market.Customers want quality assurance products, but they also want them to be made using safe, environmentally friendly technology. AVENTK focuses on quality and environment. Therefore, we take the initiative to adopt a series of extensive procedures to protect the environment and maintain a stable high quality

Applicable industries

camera modules (VCM/IR filters, etc.), security products, PCBA coating, loudspeakers, electronic assembly, medical devices, optical communication devices, printing, code spraying, etc.

Product type

  • UV curing glue
  • low temperature thermosetting glue
  • hot melt glue
  • catalyst curing glue
  • double curing glue and UVLED curing equipment